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AMR/AMI Meters
DTSD5 GPRS Communicating Polyphase Meter via GPRS/CDMA module

The DTSD5 GPRS meter range is  a cost-effective solution for commercial & industrial electricity metering with high quality communication technology.  Removable communication module design offers numerous advantages, including remote reading and configuration, eas

WD120PLC Communicating Single phase Meter via PLC module

WD120PLC is designed with high integration, good performance & communication function via power lines, as well as  manufactured to IEC 62052-11 and IEC 62053-21 standards.

Upon accurate measurement of active energy, energy data flows t

WD120RF smart meter energy meter

WD120RF smart meter energy meter
Powerful AMR functionality
Removable RF communication module.


Optional RS485/PLC/RF remotely communication port
Up to 4 tariffs
MD measurement (Optional)
Internal high accura

WS310 AMR/AMI ready poly phase meter for residential applications

WS310, a multi-functional poly phase static electricity meter. It is developed under the ongoing technology evolution in the residential and light commercial sector and in order to meet the growing customer demand for static meters and AMI ready meters.
It gives advantages t

AMR/AMI Systems

PAX offers advanced and efficient AMR/AMI system solutions for various energy markets all over the world.

Based on our  proven static meter technology and years of experience, PAX has gained plenty of experience and re

GR100 smart meter energy meter system

GR100 smart meter energy meter system
Powerful AMR functionality
Open Structure and various data management funcationality.


PAX provides a complete and modern end-to-end solution for Advanced Metering Infrastructure projects. It has been designed to cater for the spec

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